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In early May an open book for the Town of Chase will be held.  At the open book you may view the local assessments and the Assessor will be available to answer any questions you may have.  After the open book a board of review is held.  You must file a form of objection to be heard by the Board of Review.  Both the open book and board of review are by appointment only and can be scheduled with the Clerk or Deputy Clerk.  Notices of the date and time will be printed in the local paper and posted in the three town boxes.
Town Assessor
Robert DeMuth 250 Erie Road Green Bay, WI 54311 920-468-3081
Open Book ~ Board Review
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The links provided are helpful to home owners when they want to compare their home with other homes in the area, or for people in the real estate business.
This site allows you to access property information such as square feet, age, style, acres, sales, etc. Simply enter the county you are searching and the street address, then click to view the details.
This link takes you to the official Oconto County website where you can access the county Land Information System. Simply choose the municipality (such as Chase) and enter the address information (you do not need to know the parcel number if you have the street address), then click on the "tax key" to access the property information. When the Assessment screen comes up, you can choose from several different options at the bottom of that screen, such as Tax information, Parcel Maps, Deeds and Documents, etc.
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