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Plan Commission
Dennis Kroll Chairman 7442 Kroll Rd Pulaski, WI 54162 920-822-5909
Additional Members: Gary Van Lannen Perry Baugnet Norb Reinhard
The Town of Chase Plan Commission is comprised of a five (5) member board. The Plan Commission Chairman who is the presiding officer, one (1) citizen member at large, one Park Commission member,  one (1) Town Board representative, and one (1) Plan Commission Secretary who are appointed by the Town Board.  The members are appointed for staggered three (3) year terms.  
Plan Commission meetings are held at the Chase Town Hall on the 1st Wednesday after the 1st Monday of every month at 7:30 pm. You are required to complete a Plan Commission Application Form and a Town Recommendation Form stating what you plan to do when filing for a rezone, conditional use permit, and certified survey map (CSM), variance, or plat review.  Note:  See the County Zoning page for additional information on filing a form. All persons filing for a review must submit their form(s) along with the required fee to the Town Clerk or Secretary of the Plan Commission, by the 15th of the month in order to be included on the agenda.  You will not be heard if you are not on the agenda. The fees are as follows: $150.00 each for a rezone, conditional use permit, variance, and certified survey map (CSM). A plat review is $500.00.  
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Tammy Willems Committee Secretary 920-822-1560