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Town Treasurer
Jolene Schwarm 1330 Haywood Lane Sobieski,WI 54171 920-822-3322
The purpose of the Treasurer is to keep track of the revenue and expenditures of all the monies received or disbursed by the Town.  The Treasurer maintains all records of transactions affecting taxes and the safekeeping of all Town funds, including the investment of those funds as prescribed by state statues and direction of the Town Board.  Financial cash, investment and records management is an important function of the Treasurers duties. 
Did you get your Lottery Credit?
If you resided in your home as of January 1 and it was your primary residence, then you are entitled to receive a lottery credit on your tax bill. To see if you received the credit, look on your tax bill near the bottom of the tax year column. If you received the credit, it will show a $ amount for either Pulaski School District or Oconto Falls School District if you did not get the credit, it will be .00.  
If you feel you are entitled to a lottery credit, do the following: 1) Call the Treasurer, Jolene Schwarm, at 822-3322 and request a Lottery Credit Application Card to be mailed to you.  If you get the answering machine, please speak clearly and slowly and leave your name, address, parcel number, and phone number.   2) Fill in the requested information. (Make sure to sign and date it.) 3) Deduct the lottery credit $ amount off the amount due on your tax bill. 4) Make your check payable to the Town of Chase Treasurer. 5) Mail application, tax payment, and copy of your tax bill to: Jolene Schwarm, 1330 Haywood Lane, Sobieski, WI 54171.
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