Public Safety

Public Safety

Emergency Management

Emergency Management Supervisors

The Emergency Management Supervisors participate in training and provide the most up-to-date information on personal and community emergency preparedness.

Gary Van Lannen

Roger Blaies

Town of Chase Officer
Garret Baeten

Do you want to be notified by your local emergency response team in the event of emergency situations or critical community alerts? Sign up HERE.

Fire Warden

Individuals may obtain a burning permit from an Emergency Fire Warden, on-line or over the phone. Individuals may also obtain a burning permit from the Oconto Falls Ranger Station 715-929-0210. A burn permit is good for one calendar year. Burning Permits are required January 1-May 31 unless the ground is completely snow covered. Individuals must check the burning restrictions each day after 11:00 am before burning, by checking the internet or through the phone.

It is also highly recommended that you call your local fire protection agency. The Pulaski non-emergency fire department number is 920-822-5392. Per Town Ordinance for fire cost reimbursement, the landowner will be charged for the actual cost of any fire runs. So it is very important to take these steps to avoid unnecessary charges.

1-888-WIS-BURN (1-888-947-2876) Two Digit County Code: 43

Useful Resources


Oconto County Sheriff

N.E.W. Paramedic Rescue, Inc.

Pulaski Tri-County Fire Department

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