Barn & Hall Rental


To inquire on rental,
please call:
Cindy Kroll

E-mails are not monitored.

The Town of Chase is a GREAT place to have a party, family reunion, wedding reception, meeting, or event! There are hall, pavilion, and barn rental facilities, large open areas, an outdoor shelter, several picnic tables, benches, and recreation areas, including two horseshoe pits, a sandbox, swing sets, teeter totters, and a volleyball court.

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Building Inspector


Bobbie Krozell
N3082 Grass Lake Rd.
Clintonville, WI 54929
P: 715-823-9140
C: 715-853-3166
F: 715-823-9140

Building Permit requirements have been developed by the State of Wisconsin to provide for the health and safety of all occupants within the building. The Town of Chase requires permits and inspections of all ongoing projects. Once a permit has been issued the Town of Chase Building Inspector will perform continuing inspections on the project to verify that the code requirements have been met.

When the project is completed, a final inspection will be made to verify that the work was done according to the Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Codes. The purpose of the final inspection is to determine that the minimum life safety standards have been met. Failure to call for inspections or covering items prior to inspection may result in delays and additional fees. Please contact the Building Inspector if you have any questions.

Permits are required for:

  • Construction – houses, garages, storage sheds and any structure that forms an enclosure
  • Additions & Remodeling – includes; roofing, siding, windows, moving or eliminating walls, structural changes, etc. but does not include painting or carpeting.
  • Heating and Ventilating
  • Electrical System
  • Plumbing
  • Shed
  • Demolition
  • Moving of Buildings

*For Deck Building Permit – Please complete the Building Permit and the page #255 Deck Plan also include a copy of the Land Use Permit from Oconto County.

Maintenance / Public Works


Van Lannen

The Town of Chase Maintenance/Public Works Department will preserve and extend the useful life of the existing facilities, maintain the appearance of buildings and grounds, provide repairs and preventive maintenance of the equipment and structures.

Services of the department may include: preventative maintenance, repairs, remodeling, light construction, cleaning and grounds maintenance.

In addition to these services, the Department assists in coordinating road repair and maintenance, and major construction/renovation projects with architects and contractors.

Parks & Recreation


Park Commisson Chairman,
Jeff VanEnkevort at 920-680-2030

The old town landfill is a 40 acre parcel of which about 35 acres is hardwoods.The town plans to develop trails in the wooded area which can be used for things like nature walks, biking, bird watching, and cross-country skiing. The plans for the old landfill site, which is now a beautiful field surrounded by woods, includes a playground, shelter, picnic areas, and a sledding hill in the winter. The open field can be used for many kinds of recreational events.

The Stone Barn is the one of the last surviving all-fieldstone barns of its kind in the country. The vision for the barn restoration and property is to enhance the history of site. Plans also include a walking path, a bridge over the bordering creek, restrooms, and a picnic/play area. The park can be used for all types of events including school field trips, picnics, weddings, farm events, markets, and more. If you would like to help in the development of the parks, please call the Park Commisson Chairman, Jeff VanEnkevort at 920-680-2030.

Park Hours: All public parks and public playgrounds in the Town shall be open from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Animal Control


Joe Gracyalny

Yearly dog licenses are required for all dogs over 5 months of age. Dog license application forms are available through the town treasurer, on the town website or at the Recycle Center. You should always have some type of ID on your dogs, especially puppies.

Report all lost and found dogs to Joe Gracyalny, the town dog catcher, at 822-2727, and also the local area Humane Societies. Post signs where the dog was last seen, and at all local businesses in your area. You may also want to place an ad in the local newspapers.

If the dog is found by the Town of Chase Animal Control with a license, the pound fees for dogs at large will be a warning for the first offense. Each offense after will be $40.00.

If the dog is found by The Town of Chase Animal Control with no license, the pound fees for dogs at large will be $40.00 for each offense, the dog will be required to have a license and a rabies shot.

If the dog is found by the Oconto County Sherriff Office with no license, the citation will be a minimum of $200 and the dog will be required to have a license and a rabies shot.

You will also have to show proof of rabies vaccination, and have a dog license ON the dog’s collar before the dog will be released. It is the dog owner’s responsibility to keep the dog on their property and provide the dog with adequate food, water and appropriate shelter.