Town Board

Town Board

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Town Board

All Town Board meetings are held at the Chase Town Hall on the 2nd Monday of every month at 7:30 pm to take care of all town business. Bills are reviewed at 7:00 pm. If you have an issue, please call the clerk at least one week before the meeting to be considered for the agenda.

Town Board Members

  • Chairman, Gary Van Lannen
  • Supervisor, Dennis Kroll
  • Supervisor, Jeff Van Enkevort
  • Treasurer, Mae Micolichek
  • Clerk, Jeromy Delebreau
  • Dep. Clerk, Cindy Kroll

Public Town Postings

All town meetings and other notices are posted on this site and also in the three town display boxes which are located at the Town Recycling Center, North Chase Citgo, and South Chase Saloon.

Special notices (like elections) are posted in the three town display boxes and in the Oconto County Reporter newspaper and may additionally be posted in the Pulaski News.

Some Town of Chase Board members also attend monthly N.E.W. Paramedic Rescue Squad or Fire Department meetings. There may be a quorum of town officials present; however no action will be taken by them.